As a ministry of North Hills Christian Reformed Church, the child care center guides children in their spiritual, emotional, social, academic and physical growth. Under the direction of a Christian staff, the Center provides children with Christian values and an exceptional educational program. The Center has been licensed by the State of Michigan since 1982.












We celebrate God’s presence and His  love of us and His creation.



Just as Jesus did, we nurture, guide and love the children in our care, while pointing them to Him.



We offer outstanding opportunities in which children, parents and staff learn and grow together.








  • To provide an outstanding early childhood program based on Christian values.

  • To provide a safe Christian environment where children feel secure and loved.
  • To provide age appropriate activities which will help the children develop a positive self-image.
  • To provide an environment that promotes learning through play and encourages exploration, creativity, and curiosity.
  • To provide staff experienced in early childhood education and training who will demonstrate patience, warmth, understanding, nurturing and love for children while applying their knowledge of child development.
  • To offer a unique Christian curriculum which provides children with a faith-filled Christian foundation.
  • To strengthen parent-child relationships through open communication between parents and staff.
  • To provide parents with helpful information regarding the Center and child development.
  • To ensure that children make a successful transition toward their academic future.